Unusual Places For Woodworking



Hearing about or reading about woodworking, what comes first into your mind? Is it located in a sawmill? In a garage? How about in a bedroom? Or in a shed?

You see, woodworking can also be done in places like a dungeon or a van.

Check out this untouched 18-century-old woodworking shop, too!

Yes, you read that right.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you other unusual places for woodworking…

A Room Corner

No matter how small or how big your space is, you can always make room for woodworking – especially if you are really passionate about making wood products by hand. A Japanese-based woodworker named Aaron Dye only has a 36-square feet workspace and an 18-inch tall workbench. What’s more interesting? This space of his, no matter how small, has become an inspiration for both traditional and modern woodworking – all because of its stool design, which is similar to ones used in temples for meditation; and its wood type, which is made of Japanese cedar that has a buff finish.

A Patio

Most of us, if not all, would love to have a patio in their front or backyards. Now, how about a patio being a woodworking shop? Cool, right? That’s what a woodworker named Stephany Wilkes did. Although she did look for an inexpensive place for woodworking, she ended up on what’s truly best for her craft: a patio woodworking shop in her backyard, complete with a laminated pressboard for making benches. What’s more, she doesn’t need to go far just to rest after a long working day – or even spend more on business space rent.

A Trailer

If a woodworking shop can be done in vans, why not make something from wood in trailers? Just think of it as going on road trips or visiting someone you love in another city. In addition, trailer woodworking shops, like what Nevada-based Jose Salazar has, is one heck of a ride – not just for him and his family, but also for those looking to personally see how it’s like to make something from wood. And if you want, given that you’re also planning to have one for your woodworking venture, you can offer woodworking lessons – and yes, while on the road.

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Do you know any other unusual places for woodworking? Share them with us on the comments section below!